About Us

“We are Ty and Shay from Brooklyn, NY and are currently living and working in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. We are dual citizens and have been living in Canada since 2012.”

Ty is the male half of this couple and Shay is the lady of the dynamic duo. “We enjoy creating videos, art, working out, skiing/snowboarding, dance, yoga and of course travel. We want to share our travel journeys with you and hopefully inspire those who would like to take the leap to working abroad and starting a new journey abroad.”


Ty & Shay are originally from Brooklyn, NY and became citizens of Canada in 2019. They have lived & work in Vancouver, B.C since 2012. Shay is a full-time VFX Coordinator at Double Negative and Ty is a full-time Senior Technical Director at Sony Imageworks. Ty & Shay are high school sweethearts. In 2009, the couple got married and moved to Albuquerque NM, where Ty began his career in film. The year prior, they were literally living out of a suitcase in a motel in Los Angeles as freelance designers. In 2011, an opportunity became available at a film company in Adelaide, Australia. The couple had no idea their industry had work positions abroad! They made the journey to Canada to work in Vancouver’s booming film and instantly fell in love with the city. “The high rises in Downtown Vancouver reminds us of New York. You can easily escape the city hustle & bustle by taking a short bike ride to the beach or Stanley Park. Growing up in Brooklyn, we never actually saw a mountain! Within 2 weeks of arriving in Vancouver, we purchased a season pass to Cypress Mountain and learned to ski and snowboard. It is now one of our favorite activities”

When they aren’t in the office, they are also Dance Fitness Instructors, Photographers & provide video production services for local businesses. They’re favorite city in B.C. is Kelowna. “One of our favorite summer activities is taking a quick road trip to Kelowna. We love the chill vibes at Gyro Beach and exploring the beautiful wineries.” Some of their bucket list destinations include the Maldives, Japan, and Thailand.