5 Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

5 Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

There are so many dope travel blogs that are giving us so much life right now, that it may be overwhelming to find one that you absolutely love! We consider ourselves newbies in the blogging world, soย we are always browsing the web and looking for inspiration and advice for our next trip. We want to share with you our top five picks for travel bloggers that you need to follow for your upcoming travel journey in the New Year!

1. The Catch Me If You Can

photo from @thecatchmeifyoucan


Jessica is an insta-slayer. Not only is she a gifted writer, but she is a public speaker, a podcaster, and a stunning female entrepreneur who loves to share her travels with the world. She is the first Black woman to have traveled all 195 countries in the entire world – you go girl!

2. Zero to Travel

photo from @zerototravel


Jason’s Zero to Travel podcast is one of our favorites for getting ideas on how to slow travel. His blog has tons of resources on travel tips including his highlights of living abroad and how one can pursue opportunities abroad.

3. Honey Trek

photo from @honeytrek


We stumbled upon Mike & Anne’s travel adventures while listening to Zero to Travel’s podcast. Their travel journey is called, the ‘World’s Longest Honeymoon’ – How cute is that? The duo has been featured on many news stations, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and all kinds of social media outlets. Their work has even been featured in Nat Geo! We love their vibe and they are inspirations to folks who don’t know where to start in their travel journey.

4.ย  Own By Femme

photo from @ownbyfemme


We’ve been following Renรฉ for a while on Instagram and we love her down to earth good vibes! She exudes confidence, curiosity, and a genuine interest in engaging with her surroundings and followers. We always look forward to her next adventures!

5. Love In Strange Places

photo from @vagabond.jazz


Jazz & Marc became known as the couple who spent their first year dating traveling the globe. We love their story and totally dig their nomad lifestyle. They are the true epitome of #travelwithbae

Are there any other Travel Bloggers out there that we need to check out for our next travel adventures? Please don’t hesitate & share them with us – we need all the advice we can get! Comment below and we will check them out, until next time, Happy Trekking! – Ty & Shay


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