7 Must Have Camera Essentials for your Travel Vlog

7 Must Have Camera Essentials for your Travel Vlog

Image Source: @weareglobetrekkers

Whether you are an amateur or pro we want to share with you seven must-have camera essentials for your travel vlog. With the current advancements in technology, not only can you get smaller and lightweight items, you can get them shipped to your house ASAP with lightning speed next day shipping!

1. Cameras

There are so many great cameras out there for filming!ย  We would like to recommend three cameras that are popular amongst pros and amateurs.

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body (Black)

This is one of the best PRO consumer cameras!

  • We do not suggest buying a kit that comes with a lens for the Canon series.
  • This DSLR camera is smaller and a bit cheaper than its FULL FRAME cousin (ex. Canon 7D).
  • We like the Canon series because of its versatility. It’s factory settings for color is great.
  • The in-camera customizations (shutter, iso, color temperature, etc.) and accessory combinations (flashes, lens, etc.) are limitless

Image Source: @weareglobetrekkers

Sony ILCE6000L/B 24.3MP SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens (Black)

The Sony ILCE6000 (A6000) is a great option if you are looking for portability as well as a point-and-shoot style camera. The A6000 is super fast at capturing action shots. You can also share the photos instantly over WiFi to your smartphone.

Go Pro Hero 5 Black

We absolutely love our Go Pro camera for snorkeling, dancing, and any other crazy activity we end up getting into. Not only is it small and light, but itโ€™s very durable and excellent at capturing those action moments. Paired with a waterproof case and a selfie stick, you can take this device on all of your jet setting adventures.

2. Tripod

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod, Black

We like to bring at least two tripods with us while traveling. One for our DSLR and another for our cell phones.

  • We love bringing our small and sturdy Manfrotto tripod everywhere.
  • This can easily be attached to all DSLR cameras out of the box.
  • This tripod can also be used to set up for use with your mobile phone. However, an adapter that will allow you to properly attach your phone to the tripod (screw) mount needs to be purchased.

3. Memory Cards

64GB & 128GB Memory Cards

Youโ€™ll definitely need a memory card with at least 64 GB, if youโ€™re filming you want to get the most amount of gigabytes that you can be sure to bring 2 to 3 additional cards for your trip. A 128GB memory card is even better to capture high resolution footage.

4. Lenses

4. Wide Angle Lense Bundle Kit

The 10-22mm lens is a beast! It is an all in one lens, because of its zoom capabilities. Most of our selfies are taken with this lens (set @10mm )! Did we mention that we love bundles? We will list below in more detail some items that we use in this bundle kit.

  • Polarizing filters works as “sunglasses” for your camera lens, on those very bright days!
  • You’ll probably need cleaning accessories to blow away the dust! Wipe off smudges and dirt. Get that crystal clear picture by having these cleaning tools in your arsenal.
  • Extra 77mm Len Caps – We lose these every now and then ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • This bundle also comes with a backpack. It is not the one we recommend, but this package is the same price as buying the lens by itself. More details on a suggested backpack is below, keep reading!

5. Spare Batteries

Wasabi Power for Canon DSLR

Weโ€™ve had quite a few situations where our camera battery had died on us. Lesson learned, we purchased a back up battery. Then there was another time when that same back up battery died. To be safe, you want to bring at least 3 to 4 spare batteries, especially if youโ€™re gonna be out all day sightseeing.

6. Waterproof Carry-on Backpack

Evecase Large Canvas DSLR Camera Backpack w/Rain cover

Itโ€™s really nifty to have a carry-on bag that is can hold all your gear in addition to a few other sections for personal items and it should definitely be sturdy as well as waterproof.

We love Evecase because it doesn’t look like the typical Photography backpack. Ours lasted for about 2 years before it started to wear down! Your higher-end backpacks will last a bit longer. However, we love this option!

7. Microphone

Dual Lavalier Microphone, MAONO AU303 Lapel Mics with Headphoneย 

A clip-on microphone is really handy to have if you will be interviewing subjects for your travel videos. We love this mic because it’s portable and allows us to use up to 3 mics for 1 jack! We record our podcasts with this mic and it provides really clear audio!

Hopefully, all of these items can fit into your carry-on! We highly encourage you to not check-in any of your camera gear in case it gets lost or damaged (if you do end up having to check it and then youโ€™ll want to get one of these specialized heavy-duty camera cases) Weโ€™ve never had any issues with carrying on any of these items while travelling.ย  Are there any other essentials that we missed on the list? Give us a shout in the comment section, thanks and Happy Trekking! -Ty & Shay


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