How Fitness Instructors can Travel for Almost Free

How Fitness Instructors can Travel for Almost Free


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In 2016, Shay came across a unique opportunity to travel in exchange for teaching dance fitness classes abroad. She recently quit her job and during her time off she decided it was the perfect opportunity to squeeze in some travel. She spent 1 week at an all-inclusive resort teaching Zumbaยฎ in exchange for free accommodations. We want to share with you all the deets you need on how being a fitness instructor can lead to teaching opportunities at a beach destination!

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1. Get your instructor licenses and certifications up to date

Before you apply to any program to teach abroad, make sure all your licenses and certifications are up to date.

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2. Sign up & Apply for a Teaching Vacation Program

There are quite a few programs that you can sign up for and that will help you get placed at a resort to teach your craft. Shay used NRG2Go on the recommendation of a friend. Another company that was recommended by a friend is Fit Bodies. A simple Google search of “fitness vacation exchange” will lead you to a ton of companies that can connect you with resorts around the globe! Please be advised that all of these companies charge a “program fee or finders fee” and you’ll have to pay for your flights. Also, note that this will take a few weeks or months of applying and planning.

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3. Look the Part

As a fitness instructor, you must look the part. You are motivating others to take charge of their health & mental well-being. With that being said, almost all of the companies and resorts will request a video demo, photo, and biography to determine if you are a top-notch fitness professional.

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4. Get that Paper Work in Check

Your fitness vacation rep will send you all the details on what is required for your trip. You may require a visa, you’ll need travel insurance, safety tips, and what to bring. You may also need a covid-19 vaccine and/or test prior to your visit.

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5. Book Your Flight & Enjoy!ย 

Once you have confirmed all requirements for your trip, your fitness rep will let you know that you can book your flights. Send your fitness rep your travel info and you are all set!

We hope this post will inspire you to take your talents to the tropics! If you have any fitness exchange experiences that you’d like to share with us drop a comment below in the comments! Until next time – Happy trekking! Ty & Shay


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