When The Blog Helps To Find Work

When The Blog Helps To Find Work

To convince recruiters, you need to focus on quality. And make the most of this “tool” which can be more effective than any resume

Let’s start with this query: what drives someone to start a blog  The solutions may be many: some folks do it to share a passion and those who do it to give voice to mind and opinions that would attain a huge target audience. Those who hope to make it a career (there are successful bloggers who, thanks to the perspectives obtained, have managed to open a bank account) and those who are driven using the sole rationale of having observed on the Web (even supposing they don’t have lots to mention). And some folks do it to provide themselves with a few greater possibilities at work, figuring out in the blog the appropriate device to develop professionally or to take the first steps. Because, some of the many reasons that can push a person to open a blog, there is additionally the only strictly linked to looking for a process. What does it suggest? That in a few cases, running a blog can help you find paintings. Let’s see how.

Some success stories

That of “blogging” is a real art. Or in case you decide upon, a skill that has allowed many people to trade – notably for the better – the path in their lives. There is not any scarcity of testimonies from bloggers who have managed to locate the job in their desires way to their “private online diary”. And they ordinarily come from America. A few examples? Alison Hitz is a virtual content material expert who has made it happen way to her blog, “The Book Wheel”, where she talks approximately books and politics. “My blog has helped me find work more than my degree did,”  he stated. Adding that, throughout the interview, recruiters have proven greater hobby in his “virtual platform” than his curriculum vitae. This is likewise what Anna Rice has noticed who, thanks to her blog “Blonde Banana”, has beaten the competition of folks that aspired to become press officer of a critical PR company. “My blog  –  he said – helped me to distinguish myself from different candidates”.

Then there’s the testimony of the search engine marketing analyst, Dominique Jackson, who said that he used his blog ( Dominiquej.Com ) as a “release pad” to build his brand and exhibit his professional capabilities. And that of Sara Jukes, writer of the blog  “Sarahjukes.Com” who has given her a function as an IT advertising professional:  “The blog  –  he found –  is one of the most effective tools we ought to manage what human beings read about us. And to model the concept this is made approximately us “.

How blogging can help you find work

The state of affairs in Italy is barely one of a kind: if it’s miles, in truth, actual that the extensive majority of our younger people (who are the ones who conflict the maximum to discover work) have a Facebook page, tweet often and use social media effortlessly (from LinkedIn to Instagram); it’s far similarly true that few choose, however, to open a blog. And to attend to it and take advantage of it also (and especially) for professional functions. The testimonies we mentioned above (that are handiest an infinitesimal a part of the various testimonies amassed all over the world) display, in reality, that finding work, way to a blog, is possible. And that during times of disaster like those, it can even show to be salvific. The selectors more innovative human beings have, in truth, found out to recruit in another way, the usage of all of the technological gear at their disposal. And they may be increasingly willing to reward the maximum enterprising applicants.

Three reasons to start a blog

That’s why nothing ought to be left unturned – process seekers ought to significantly recall blogging for at least 3 reasons.

The blog is a great showcase

Anything ought to show up throughout the job interview. The 10 minutes that applicants are usually given to speak about themselves might not be sufficient and the most nervous and inexperienced may additionally get careworn. To avoid that the interview results in a flop, we can think about betting everything (or almost the whole thing) on ​​a blog capable of attesting our attitudes and talents. What is written is worth more than many phrases and recruiters can also determine to base their preference at the information and capabilities we’ve established via regularly updating our blog. Underestimating the capacity of this “show off” should show to be an extreme mistake.

Blogging can make a difference

In the mare magnum of curricula that recruiters need to periodically take a look at, the candidacy of a blogger will no longer go not noted. Being the author of a “virtual diary” will give a delivered fee, with a view to will let you stand proud of the crowd and be noticed within the crowd. It’s far handiest the first step: to persuade the recruiter, it will be essential to spend money on pleasant. Getting his interest is not sufficient; to reap the decision for the activity interview, it is going to be vital to illustrate competence and professionalism. And several ardours.

The blog gives visibility

Being study through a large number of humans can be an incredible gain. The best difficulty for activity seekers is to attain the right people, who can grant them the task opportunity they’re awaiting. The blog can flip the whole lot around and make recruiters look for us. Among the normal visitors of our blog, there should in truth be our destiny company. Who was inspired through what is written, could ask Human Resources body of workers to contact us? Regularly curating the contents of a blog (without neglecting the picture element, if viable) method giving your self an important job opportunity. Our posts could, in fact, “breach” the hearts of folks who should exchange our lives. At least at work.


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