Food. Glorius Food at the Cape, A Thompson Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

We decided that after a tough movie with way too many over-time hours that we would treat ourselves to a luxurious trip to Cabo San Lucas. We spent only 2 nights at The Cape Hotel since it was about $600 USD per night and the other 2 days at an all inclusive (which was okay) but nothing compared to the Cape!

We had an early dinner at Manta, the Cape’s signature restaurant. Lucky for us, we were the only guests for about an hour and half so all of the staff made sure we had everything we needed! The manager recommend the set tasting menu for us; it comes with appetizers, a main, drinks & dessert.

The chef Enrique Olvera even prepared some special items that were not on the menu. We mentioned that we loved seafood before we ordered and that is exactly what we got. Shay is a picky eater but she cleared every single plate that was brought out. The octopus was marinated and grilled to perfection, the texture was out of this world. The salmon was crisp on top and buttery on the inside. The watermelon gelato melted on our tounges and the drinks left us licking our lips.

Ty brought his camera along, but it was hard waiting for the photos to be taken before going in! If you are looking for a restaurant that satisfies your curiosity for a thrilling, sexy and luxurious dining experience then Manta is the place just for you!



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