Honeymoon Destination: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Honeymoon Destination: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is known for its dope views, beautiful people, bumping cityscapes, exotic rainforests & samba music. We spent seven days celebrating the beginning of our lives as a married couple in the Cidade de Deus or the City of God. We want to share with you our experience and why you might want to consider Rio de Janeiro as a honeymoon destination.

First Things First, Get a Visa

Before you go, check your country’s rules for visiting.  Americans, Canadians & Australians will need to get a visa. Luckily, as of January 2018, one can get an e-visa online, yaaas! The visa is good for 5 years. Once you have gotten that out of the way, now you can plan your trip.

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Island Hopping in Buzios & Paratay

Just outside of Rio de Janeiro city, you’ll find serene coastal beaches and islands called Armacao dos Buzios. We chose to do a day trip with a tour group and enjoyed a romantic day out island hopping, eating, drinking, snorkeling and being serenaded by the musicians who joined the tour.

A few hours south of Rio de Janeiro, is another popular honeymoon stop called Paratay. It’s a historic seaside town with a mix of colonial buildings, chillaxed beaches and islands.

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Cristo de Redemer

The Christ Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. There are many ways to get to Corcovado mountain where the statue is: train, bus, taxi, tour van or helicopter. Can you take a wild guess which option we chose? You probably guessed right, helicopter, baby! This amazing photo was taken from a romantic helicopter ride around the city.

image source: @rafemoura

Sugar Loaf

Book a romantic sunset tram ride up to Sugar Loaf Mountain. Fun fact: Sugar Loaf Mountain is formed from one block of granite (it’s a monolith) and supports very little vegetation on its upper slopes.

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Samba & Capoeira Show

Samba is native Brazilian dance while Capoeira is mixed martial arts. Both have roots from West African culture that emerged during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Get yourself fancied up and head down to a classy show with music, dancing, and drinks!

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Tour a Favela

Although we were celebrating our honeymoon, we knew that Brazil has poor areas and we asked our hotel receptionist about visiting a favela. He set us up with a small group tour where our fee went directly to the guide and the people living in Rochina.

We spent about half a day meeting with local artists, teachers and even visiting a small street bar for a drink. It was popping and reminded us of our neighborhood in Brooklyn. This tour will give you a peek into the lives of local Brazilians. We are so privileged to travel and will never take our experiences for granted. We hope you set aside time during your travels to pay it forward to the local community in the city you are visiting.

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Take a tour of Sambodromo

Visit the famous Sambodromo where Brazil’s yearly Carnivale is held and get a backstage tour of the facilities and costumes. We were the only ones in our tour group who volunteered to try on the costumes and boy were they heavy! We couldn’t imagine dancing for hours in it.

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Chill at Copacabana and Ipanema Beach

Rio’s Copacabana and Ipanema Beach should be high on your list to visit during your stay in Brazil. These beaches are world-famous and are most known for their bikini-clad bronzed beach goers. There are tons of activities such as volleyball, bike riding, and surfing. There are plenty of small bars and food vendors too.

image source: @weareglobetrekkers

Safety Tips

  1. The most common forms of crime in Rio affecting tourists are pickpockets and street muggings.
  2. Try to avoid walking on the streets alone at night. We strolled around nearly every night and felt very safe. We made sure to take only what we needed and to not wear anything expensive or flashy.
  3. Be careful about public transportation at night. Take a taxi to and from your destination.
  4. When visiting the beach, our hotel receptionist told us so not take anything valuable and do not leave anything unattended on the sand. Don’t let this scare you! Nothing happened to us during our visit. When locals found out were Americans they were really helpful with pointing us in the right direction or with ordering food.

We hope we provided enough info for you in considering your honeymoon, or romantic getaway to Rio. Happy Trekking!

-Ty & Shay


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