Sexy & Cool. The Cape, A Thomspon Hotel Cabo San Lucas Review

Most our our current travel is so extra, we love living it up in bougie hotels on a 1 Star budget. Our 1 night at The Cape Hotel was an unforgettable experience. Since we were working a lot of long hours, we were anted to stay some where high end, and we found a great deal on for the Cape Hotel. If you are looking for a hotel that goes above & beyond to cater your every need, then The Cape is numero uno in terms of service & luxury.

Upon arrival, the modelesque bell hopsย  immediately greeted us with a ‘Welcome’ and grabbed our bags. Another gentleman came out shook our hands and promptly whisked us to the breezy entrance. He told us to make ourselves comfortable and they will get us checked in straight away. After a long flight from Vancouver, along with a restless night of sleep, we were immediately taken aback by the extreme friendliness! You know, us New Yorkers are apprehensive towards any sign of generosity. The front desk receptionist checked us in, while another man arrived with welcome drinks. Dang, does this hotel hire models? After we got our keys and checked in, the hotel manager warmly welcomed us and took us on a mini tour. We paused for a moment to see if we could get our bags (which were only small carry ons)ย  and he said, “don’t worry, relax it will be in your room”.

The manager showed us the grand lobby of the hotel which features a covered breezy veranda and spectacular views of the ocean & cliffs. Just a few steps away was the infinity pool and cabana seating. It was really, hot and humid that day so we were feenin’ to jump in!

The only restaurant, La Manta is nearby and the manager mentioned we should check out the dining special that night, which featured a 5 course seafood experience. Um, heck yeah! You can check out what we had to eat in our previous post.ย We went up the grand staircase, back to the lobby elevators to our room. We were lost for words upon staring at our view of the ocean.

Our room featured a brass tub next to the bed with a separate walk-in shower, luxury linen sheets with a high thread count and a mini bar with a free welcome bottle of custom tequila and decadent chocolate truffles. We LOVE free stuff!

Since we only had 1 night, we couldn’t decide to take a bath right at that moment, jump in the pool or take a nap in that plush bed! We were exhausted but since it was hot AF outside so we headed down to the pool for a quick swim. Another couple was just leaving the pool, which left us with the entire pool to ourselves! Balling!

ย After our swim, we took a quick walk down to the beach. The ocean is not swimmable so we got close enough for photos and then headed back to our room to got ready for dinner at La Manta.

After dinner, we headed up to check out the roof top patio as suggested by the manager to catch the sunset. The view was so lit! The hotel was really quiet during our stay, as it was Thursday & it just opened 2 months prior to our arrival. So incase you are wondering why there aren’t any other guests in our photos, that is why!

Later that night we retired to our room and immediately fell asleep in the super comfy, lush king size bed. It was really hard to wake up the next day knowing we had to check out. While reading through a hard cover book about Cabo in the room, we saw the hotel ‘manager’ and he wasn’t actually the manager but the VP of Tourism for the city!!! We were shocked and honored that he personally took time out his busy schedule to show us around the hotel and he even found us later in the evening to chat with us on the roof top patio! It was like chatting to an old friend. We will definitely stay at the Cape again! Please note we were not paid for this review or offered any comp stay. Average night will cost you some dough, around $430 -$600USD. We used to snag a deal for our stay at The Cape.


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