A vaccine is out for covid-19 so normal travel will resume soon! It’s time to start planning your 2021 adventures! We’ve handpicked some amazing places that we think are worth exploring this year. Most places are destinations we haven’t visited ourselves. In no particular order, this list will serve as a reminder that we have a lot more traveling to do!

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21. Tulum, Mexico

This was a hot spot in 2020 for U.S. Millenials during the pandemic. We think there will be even more people who visit in 2021. The original name of the site was “Zama”, which means sunrise. Tulum has some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, nightlife, and world-class food.

photo by @antoine_similon

20. Kerala, India

Referred to as “God’s own country” by the Hindu Templars, Kerala is located on the Tropical Malabar Coast of India, it stretches for about 600km along the Arabian Sea. This region is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities and is well known for not only its beauty but its rich ancient art forms, culture, diverse landscape, and agriculture. During your visit, you can also check out Kerala’s beautiful canal networks, backwaters, and palm-lined beaches.  Perfect for that next bae-cation!

photo by @matterandart

19. Salzburg, Austria

If you are wondering why it sounds like a German city, that’s because it’s located on the German border and was the former Roman settlement of Luvavum. Renowned for its Baroque architecture, it is home to historic centers dating back to the Neolithic age and is surrounded by the scenic Eastern Alpine.  A good time to visit is during the annual Salzburg Festival an opera, music, and theater event.

photo by @dylu

18. Vienna, Austria

The Capital of Austria hosts some of the world’s major organizations (like OPEC, the UN, etc.) and architectural marvels. The city is known for its musical legacy,  high quality of life, and its breath-taking sights. It is also bordered by Czech, Hungary, and Slovakia; with the Imperial Palace in Hofburg serving as a hot attraction to tourists. Fun fact for you all:  2020 is the Beethoven year in Vienna – it marks the celebration of the 250th birthday of the famous composer. You might want to visit during Vienna’s other carnivals and festivals such as Vienna Ice World, Vinyl & Music Festival, and Vienna International Art Festival.

photo by @weareglobetrekkers

17. Vancouver, Canada

We had to include our home city in this list! Vancouver is known as the “Hollywood of the North ” and is the most diverse province in all of Canada. Vancouver is set on becoming the greenest city in the world by the end of 2020. We love our city mainly because it is coastal -surrounded by water and mountains. Visitors can choose from tons of fun-filled activities such as hiking, boating, skiing or snowboarding, beach time, as well as a dope nightlife. It is home to tons of art galleries, theaters, and film companies. We both work for 2 major film studios in Vancouver and the industry is growing rapidly! The best time to visit would be during the dry months of July and August. If you do visit, please hit us up, we would love to hang out with fellow Globetrekkers!

photo by @shaipal

16. Tel Aviv, Israel

Nicknamed the Mediterranean Capital of Cool by the New York Times, Tel Aviv is known for its exotic beaches, amazing food, and endless nightlife! Due to its openness to diversification, Tel Aviv is ranked one of the top destinations for LGBT individuals.

photo by @alexazabache

15. Petra, Jordan

“The New Seven Wonder of the World,” Petra is a rediscovered Nabataean city that was lost thousands of years ago.  It is a historical city that was inhabited as early as 7,000 BC and was the trading hub for the early settlers.

photo by @manuelmeurisse

14. Tasmania, Australia

Also known by Aussies as Tassie, Tasmania is the 23rd largest island in the world and includes several National parks and World Heritage sites.  A good time to visit is during the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

photo by @saltywings

13. Sardinia, Italy

When we go back to Italy, we really want to visit this amazing Italian island! It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its delicious foods and great hospitality. Rumour has it that the island is half the size of Holland! Most homes in Sardinia are actually remains from ancient Roman cities.

photo by @isaw

12. Dominica

We all love the warm waters in the Caribbean, this mountainous Caribbean Island is home to the world’s second-largest boiling lake so you might want to view the lake from afar. The island also has 9 volcanoes. The island might look familiar to you as you may have seen it in  Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest. The island is home to 365 rivers, one river for every day of the year!

photo by @farhath_firows

11. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Often called “the New Dubai,” Colombo is an Ancient port city, with a history of Portuguese, British and Dutch heritage. Despite its small size, it offers tons of experiences! The state has several Buddhist stupas, Hindu temples, art galleries, and even casinos!

photo by @el_carlito

10. Bilbao, Spain

Described as the Industrial hub of Spain, the capital of the Basque Country is surrounded by beautiful green mountains. During your visit, you can check out the Guggenheim Museum and the old town of Casco Viejo.

photo by @good_citizen

9. Zanzibar, Tanzania

This exotic hot spot is located off the coast of East Africa.  Tanzania was a trade hub for spice and slaves. The city is declared as a UNESCO cultural heritage site and it is known for its diverse underwater wildlife. For our animal lovers (including Shay), Zanzibar is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, such as the bottlenose dolphins and red colobus monkeys.

photo by @brooklynshauna

8. Brooklyn, New York

We have to give a shout out to where we were born and raised. Brooklyn is America’s 3rd most populated city and in our opinion – the coolest! Brooklyn has produced tons of sports legends like Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Torre and is currently home to the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. A few things to check out during your visit are the world-famous amusement park and beach Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn has pretty much everything that Manhattan has from nightlife to fine dining, art galleries, and parks.

photo by @gofabio

7. Vanuatu

Located in the South of the Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is made up of about 80 islands. With its stunning coral reefs, scuba divers flock to these islands. The weather is amazing all year round so any time of the year is great to visit.  Pentecost Island is popular for its Land Diving Festival which is the traditional form of bungee jumping.

6. Fijian Islands

Fiji has about 330 islands with Viti Levu being the largest of them all. We were lucky enough to spend 4 amazing days in Nadi (located on Viti Levu) For a romantic getaway, another island to check out is Mamanuca. When looking for accommodations, we highly recommend staying in a traditional bure hut. Most of them have no tv or internet but the locals will make sure you have plenty of fun activities and sites to visit.

5. Myanmar

Myanmar is bordered between China, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, and India. It is home to over 100 ethnic groups. During your visit, you can check out its ancient cities like Bagan, as well as some amazing beaches in Nabule and religious places such as the Mon State

photo by @themeinn

4. Madagascar

Madagascar is a paradise for wildlife. It is an island located on the Coast of East Africa and is 2nd only to Greenland in landmass size. You can check out Madagascar’s World Heritage sites like Royal Hill of Ambohimanga or the Rainforests of the Atsinanana. If you want an unforgettable travel experience, check out Blue Safaris Seychelles, for fishing and scuba diving excursions.

photo by @greenland

3. Greenland

This is the largest Island in the world, and it’s situated between the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Having an early settlement that can be traced as far back as 800 BC ensures that Greenland has a lot of historic sites to checkout. It is popular for its immense glaciers, vast tundra, and of course, it’s fishing. It hosts an annual dog sled race and lots of other festivals like the Nuuk Snow festival. 

photo by @kylerb

2. Washington Dc

The Capital of the United States is a pretty cool city. It is famous for its monumental structures such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Tomb of the unknown, and much more!  Some may even say; “it is the state where the fate of the world is decided,” but regardless, it is a great place to visit due to its numerous sites and scenic architecture.

photo by @erikeae

1.  Tokyo, Japan

Considered as one of the most important cities in the World, it hosts almost all of the world’s Global Fortune 500 companies. Tokyo’s modern-day popularity comes from its technological impact on the world. Hard to believe that Tokyo was formerly a small village! The city has many insta-worthy sites like the Ueno Park, the Tokyo National Museum, Noh Theater, and much more.

And that’s our list! Have you visited any of these cities? Comment below and tell us what was the best part of your adventure. Until next time, Happy Trekking! – Ty & Shay


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