Top 5 Picks in 24 Hours in Montreal

Bonjour, hi! We would like to share with you our top five picks of things to do in Montreal Quebec. Although our visit was only 72 hours, we were able to check out most of the city’s sites, sounds, and foods too! Keep reading to find out more what to do if you decide to day trip to Montreal.

5. Eggspectation


There are several locations across Canada and a couple international ones as well. The menu has something for everyone! Our favorite items were the lyonnaise style potatoes (in the photo) and eggs benedict. The location we went to downtown Montreal had a really cute outdoor patio and we hung out there for almost 2 hours with a good friend and people watched, ate and drank tons of coffee to stay awake having just arrived from our red eye flight.

4. Notre Dame-Basilica


Cest la Vive! Did you know Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal is almost 400 years old?! In our podcast we talk about our visit to the Basilica during a night time light projection experience called AURA.

You might want to add this on your list of things to do in Montreal. It was pretty cool and kinda creepy but overall a good (and short) experience to check out with our friends on a double date

3. Rent a Bixi Bike


Summertime is perfect for biking around the city. Montreal is pretty flat so biking is an excellent way to take in some sites. We biked through le Plateau Mont Royal, through La Fontaine Park and back to our hotel Downtown Montreal. It was an easy way to see the city within a short period.

2. Grab a Bagel


Any bagel lovers out there?! We went to 2 different spots to see if there was a difference between NY & Montreal bagels and the only difference was…..drumroll please……..

Montreal bagels are HOT & fresh out the oven! Shay’s hands were burning holding this yummy sesame bagel for the pic and then we devoured the hot, crusty and chewy bagel from Fairmount Bagel! Our second stop on our bagel run was to St. Viateur Bagel Shop where the bagel are piled high in crate boxes fresh from the oven!

1. Attend a Festival

Did you know that Montreal has over 350 festivals per year?! That’s 1 for every day of the week! We attended one of the biggest, The International Jazz Festival and danced our butts off! You can hear more about our experience in our podcast. Here is a full list of other festivals to check during your visit.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you can spend more than 24 hours in the city and our post  gives you an idea of time-saving places to visit during your stay. Check out some bonus recommendations below and even more photos on our instagram feed! Until next time happy trekking! – Ty & Shay

Other Recommendations

Stay: Renaissance Montreal

Siteseeing: Old Port of Montreal

Tapas: Tiradito

Brunch: Marche de Escluisers

Park: Parque Drupeau

Shopping: St. Catherine Street

Relax: Bota Bota Spa


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