Old Habana Cuba – Part 2

There is so much we want to share about Cuba! Below are some our tips for your magical journey.

Be Prepared to Walk a Lot!

Old Havana is hella big so we are really happy that we took a second trip in 2017. We spent about 2 hours walking through its many alleys and streets and still didn’t see everything. We had no plan in mind, we just wandered around and somehow made it back to the main square. We met a lot of dope people along the journey, talked politics, got some advice, laughed and shared stories. Most locals would ask where we from or if we were from NY? Man, that NY swag is so apparent!

Bring Candy, especially Gum to Give Out to Kids

While walking around one of Old Havana’s squares, we ran into these boys playing soccer. As soon as they saw Ty they kicked the ball to him and yelled “Jugar!” which means play, so Ty joined in. Then they asked about his camera, and they posed for a pic. Check out homies smile in the front, he’s mad serious! They wanted Ty to keep playing but we had to leave so we offered them “chicle” they were so excited when we showed them the gum! It’s hard to find gum in Cuba, its sort of a luxury. The oldest, and tallest in the back took the gun and passed out sticks to the other too, and put the rest away for later. ⠀

Visit Hemingway’s Old Haunts

Tourists flock to the popular Floridita in Old Havana. It’s a historic bar where Hemingway spent many hours writing. It might be too busy for you to actually dine in but take a quick peak inside to see what all the hype is about.

Visit One of the Largest City Squares in the World!

Another site that you must check out is Plaza de la Revolucion. There are monuments and a museum. During our first visit with our tour group, the museum was closed due to am upcoming holiday. We were told Cuban officials & military will be at the site the next day for the celebration. In this photo, Fidel Castro is memorialized on a building, Che Guevara is featured on a second building to the left.

Check Out a Panorama View of the City

Check out this view of Havana from the Cristo de la Habana statue. It’s a copy of the one in Rio de Janeiro and is blessed by the pope! During our 1 day tour with Air Canada, we stopped to see the beautiful park and statue. It was a sunny day so we had a clear view of the city. As soon as we arrived, to take in the massive view, we knew we would not have enough time to see everything in Havana.

Anyone see these guys singing while visiting Old Habana? The first time we saw them, Shay actually jumped in and danced. She’s in this photo too but cropped out, we really wanted to highlight these talented and charismatic gentlemen.

Can you guess who is who? Shay and her twin sister Shauna decided to celebrate their 33rd birthday in Havana, They live a couple of thousand of miles apart so they recently have been taking birthday trips together. Cuba was a memorable one for them since it’s a country most Americans thought they would never be able to visit. If you can, we urge you to visit this beautiful country and mingle with the locals! There is so much to learn, do and see! It’s not hard to go but as Americans you must get a visa, if you listen to our podcast we share exactly which visa we applied for and how we booked our trip.

Here is an additional list of places & information to check out while you are in Cuba, Buena Suerte and Happy Trekking!
-Ty & Shay

1. Gran Teatro de La Habana (Ballet show)
2. Salsa Express (dance lessons) | Trip Advisor has tours as well!
3. Teatro Nacional
4. Raiz Cuba Academy (afro cuban lessons)
5. Centro Andaluz en Cuba (Flamenco 1pm-midnight)
6. Tropicana Club in Old Habana | +53 7 2671717
7. Caberet Parisen at Hotel Nacional | 836-36-63-119
8. Callejon de Hamel : Street Art 1p-3p live music Calles Espada and Aramburu, Havana, Cuba
9. La Floridita in Old Habana | +53 7 8671300
10. El Chanchullero de Tapas in Old Habana
11. Casa Del Tango: 5pm-7pm Buenos Aires Style Tango
12. Callejon de Hamel
13. Additional links


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