Where to Find the Best Instagram – Worthy Locations in Los Angeles

Where to Find the Best Instagram – Worthy Locations in Los Angeles

Once you leave a place,  you don’t know how much you miss it until you return. We used to live in a motel in Los Angeles back in 2008 behind the Chinese Theater and have visited quite often until recently. We are now owners of an apartment in Vancouver, B.C. So much has changed in the “City of Angels”, the traffic – not so much. There are new train lines, restaurants, and high rises. We decided to curate our recent visit around places to take cool photos. With that in mind,  we spent a day in Malibu and the other 2 days in Hollywood. We want to share with you the best spots to pose for the ‘Gram!

Image Source: @mylifesatravelmovie

The Hollywood Sign

If you actually want to hike up to the sign, there are quite a few videos on how to get there via Youtube. We didn’t plan on hiking during our short stay so we took the lazyAF option and hit up Lake Hollywood Park to snap a few shots. Click the link for the exact address to the park, if you use google maps it will take you all the way to the Griffith Observatory, which is also a cool spot but pretty far from where you actually want to go.

Image Source: @adam_ali91

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Lamp Post Art Installation

During our first trip to L.A. we were still in art school and wanted to check out a cool museum. We had no clue there would be a dope outdoor display of light posts all lined up in a row. There were quite a few people taking photos outside and then we headed into the museum, and realized there was barely anyone there! However, we did see Leonardo Dicaprio running into an elevator with his model girlfriend in tow. Don’t just go to LACMA to take photos of the pretty lamp posts, support the arts, get a ticket and check out the art inside. You might even see a celebrity!

Image Source: @weareglobetrekkers

Beverly Hills

L.A. is known for their beautiful and plentfiul palm trees. The Washingtonia filifera, or California fan palm, is native to California while the slim Mexican fan palms and feather topped Canary Island date palm, are both imports. If you aren’t into shopping at fancy stores on Rodeo drive then take a drive through the hood of Beverly Hills and get yo’ self some snackable instagram photos down the most expensivest palm tree lined streets.

BONUS SHOT: You can even get a photo in Beverly Hills of the tall pretty palm trees with the Hollywood sign in it! Check out Windsor Blvd between 4th and 5th streets to get that oh so instagrammy photo.

Image Source: @weareglobetrekkers

Melrose Street Wall Art

Not only does Melrose Street have tons of unique shops, restaurants & boutiques, it consists of the most amazing street art on almost every block! We spent a couple of hours window shopping and taking photos of the wall murals. Out of all the dope street art we saw, Paul Smith’s vibrant pink wall was the busiest with insta-ladies doing their best to slay for the gram.

Image Source: @weareglobetrekkers


Not sure why we never visited Malibu during our many visits to L.A. but this time we came with the purpose to check out two things we love – wine & animals! We booked a tour at Malibu Wine Safari and fell in love with the exotic animals on the estate. Malibu is a beach town just about a 45 minute drive North of Santa Monica and home to celebrities and the super rich. Malibu’s dreamy beaches are perfect for stunning backdrops for your instagram slay.

Image Source: @scottborrero

Walt Disney Concert Hall

You must check out one of Frank Gehry’s  architectural masterpieces , The Walt Disney Concert Hall. It is  home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. The outside has shiny reflective brushed steel which twists and curves to create an asymmetrical tornado-like structure while the inside consists of intimate concave warm tones.

Image Source: @relishbyarielle

Micheltorena Stairs at Micheltorena Elementary School

This hidden gem is located across Sunset Boulevard from Micheltorena Elementary School. The colorful stairs makes it the perfect backdrop for your instagram feed.

Image Source: @girlin3a

Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

Venice Beach is known for its famous boardwalk. It can get really busy on the weekends so plan on arriving early for prime photo time. Or you can check it during sunset to capture a stunning sunset on the beach or by the cool VENICE street lights. Take a 15 minute drive or better yet rent a bike to Santa Monica Pier to grab a snap of the picturesque Ferris wheel at sunset.

 Image Source: @@thybones

L.A. has so many dope spots to capture and to experience for your instagram feed. Are there any other instagrammable spots that may not be the on the popular list? We are down to hear any advice for spots that are on the “road less traveled.” Hit us up if you want to share it with us! Until next time, Happy Trekking! -Ty & Shay


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