How To Choose A Free WordPress Theme?

How To Choose A Free WordPress Theme?

Since May 2000, the WordPress platform has evolved to the point of being one of the most widespread and used CMS by companies and freelancers to create and disseminate content on the net. Its ease of use and great versatility has allowed the simple and effective implementation of advanced features.

Since its inception, themes have always been produced to customize the graphic aspect but, just as the web is dynamic, so are the templates. For this reason, over time, a theme that was used for example in 2005 is no longer very relevant to today’s accessibility and readability standards.

In fact, the behaviour of users on the net has evolved a lot, and search engines interpret the information contained in each website in an increasingly scrupulous way and with different criteria.

How important is it to use a theme that is in step with the times?

WordPress, as light as it could be taken into consideration, from a website hosting point of view is constantly a turtle while as compared to a static page in natural HTML. This takes place because, being a CMS, many extra operations are carried out with greater use of time and assets.

The usage of a subject matter that masses quickly simply allows a consumer inside the use of content material and a properly-prepared subject matter is a top-notch place to begin to reduce the soar fee, that is the proportion of exit from our internet site.

Therefore, what we get from an optimized subject is the permanence of our readers, the satisfactory agency of the contents and a tremendous enjoy at the consumer side. however, let’s retain with the evaluation of the high-quality capabilities to don’t forget whilst comparing free WordPress issues.

What are the factors of a quality template?

Improving the loading velocity of a site is a vital parameter to take into consideration because it’s miles one of the elements that make Google understand the fine of a website. allow’s count on that our web hosting service is rapid, or anyhow with ordinary speed, and we installed in our WordPress a template with a non-optimized slider that works in Java Script. At this point, we simulate a response time of five seconds before all factors are loaded and truly visible to the person.

Simply 5 seconds of loading seems quick in real existence but on the net, they’re sincerely an eternity, both from the point of view of the person and that of the search engines like google and yahoo. The more we pass forward and the extra using the contents becomes fast consequently, to maintain up with the times, it’s far important to assure velocity and lightness to the pages of our internet site, to prevent users from losing interest throughout its beginning or, even worse, a search engine makes us lose positions within the search engines.

The cleanliness and lightness of the code is any other characteristic which, if unnoticed or absent, represents a real drawback. As in all programming languages, in PHP (WordPress is written almost entirely in this language) any operation can be done in lots of methods, some rapid, others slower, and it’s far our activity to understand whilst a topic has been optimized or now not.

An awesome method is to analyze the load of the files that we are going to upload to our WordPress and, if we’ve got many preferred subject matters, pick out the one that takes up the least space. With the identical functionality, the template with less weight virtually has a higher speed and the operations are achieved higher. to give an example, a top rate template can vary from three MB up to fifteen/20 MB and it’s far vital to pick the less heavy one.

Don’t fall into over-optimization

Every WordPress subject lets in us to show elements along with related articles, tags and widgets inside the sidebar on any page. undoubtedly those are very useful expedients for the user however which very regularly end up mistakes in the eyes of SERPs.

In fact, if a page has the identical content repeated too often, we risk repeating the identical matters over and over and this need to no longer occur if we want Google to decide our website as properly and not full of junk mail.

Design and graphics aren’t everything

Although the photo element may be very crucial, you shouldn’t pick out a subject that has handiest super image characteristics. it’s far of essential importance that the selected template also has a top agency of the contents which, when viewed via the consumer, are well ordered and speedily available.

One of the most vital factors to don’t forget is the theme manage panel itself. you’ll discover many subject matters in which it will likely be easy to edit the logo, favicon, insert slideshows or implement CSS code, and those are the nice. In reality, in a couple of minutes, you’ll be capable of alternate the look of your WordPress web site in some easy steps.

Template and Browser

Whilst you buy a top rate subject matter in ninety-nine % of instances it’s far well suited with all browsers however inside the case of loose templates this option isn’t always to be taken for granted. The trouble is associated with the adherence or no longer of those free templates to the W3C protocol, but permit’s move instantly to this subject matter.

The W3C is an organization that defines standards for web protocols and its only characteristic is to standardize the change of information through growing the compatibility, in our case, of the web pages. for this reason, it’s miles vital that the subject matter we pick out is structured and peculiarly legitimate following the indications of these protocols.

The benefits are many and obvious. starting from SERPs, our web site could be like-minded to be read faster with the aid of spiders. Going ahead, a website that follows the W3C protocol specifications will also be compatible with all browsers, as it’s miles a universally diagnosed authority around the world.

The Framework for WordPress

It’s far a picture answer most utilized by net designers and developers, which has a completely extensive advantage. In reality, they may be simple architectures that can be taken as fashions for your own projects, so as not to begin a task from scratch. they’re very secure because a desirable a part of the programming has already been completed by using the clothier and there may be not anything left to do but deal with the snapshots.

There are numerous unfastened frameworks and they are able to absolutely are available in reachable for your tasks, in particular, to create a toddler theme, that could be a particular theme that allows you to implement or adjust some functions of any other subject matter without affecting the code.

Beware of the code

Very often, a few authors of free WordPress issues create real traps. we are talking approximately templates with malicious code internal, and via malicious code, we suggest any movement which could compromise the security of our internet site.

In most cases, methods are finished, glaringly without the expertise of who hooked up the subject matter, which leaves backdoors, this is, unauthorized get entry to routes via which crackers can get right of entry to your internet site to tamper with everything this is of interest to them.

It’s miles feasible to make WordPress safer and save you this type of attack with the aid of not installing templates that don’t have feedback, at the least one hundred inside the WordPress.Org keep, or by using installing special plugins that can help you test malicious code in your blog.

Premium themes accessible for free

Similar to the most famous software, paid resources are spreading at the net, provided absolutely unfastened. we speak me in particular of the templates from ThemeForest which are bought handiest once, however, which can be then redistributed in a totally unlawful way via a loose down load.

It appears an extraordinary opportunity to keep a few greenbacks however it’s miles an actual rip-off, which is achieved towards the developer who laboured at the undertaking. The themes in query can be mounted and used without cost but their code is completely compromised.

In fact, it presents modifications voluntarily made with the aid of crackers to gain site visitors facts, reap smooth one-way links and create backdoors, i.E. Leaks in the system that can be used for attacks on the safety of your website online and on your facts (authors, electronic mail, comments and plenty extra).

Remembering the well-known announcing ” on this global nobody gives something for not anything “, my advice is to stay far away from this type of ” provide ” and in case you really need to use an expert template, buy it from the authentic provider.


In the end, to select the loose WordPress theme that’s proper for you, those are the key factors:

  • loading speed
  • cleanliness and lightness of the code
  • use of the rel = ”no-follow” attribute where necessary
  • compatibility with the main standard network protocols (W3C)
  • choose only reliable sources with feedback or well known
  • run or have a code check to verify its stability and security.

Choosing an unfastened WordPress theme, for those who do now not want to make investments finances for the introduction of an internet site, isn’t always a complex operation and if you continually don’t forget these factors, yours could be a winning desire.


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