Buying Guest Posts to Get Backlinks: Risks and Benefits

Buying Guest Posts to Get Backlinks: Risks and Benefits

In maximum positioning techniques, Link Building nevertheless plays a critical function, it’ll be so as long as Google considers the equal hyperlinks as a valuable and really vital rating issue.

As I even have written several instances in this web site, in truth, the link is sort of a tribute of considering: do human beings hyperlink you? It will imply which you are an authoritative source, in which human beings accept as true with and consequently Google will take this into attention for ranking inside the SERP.

However, this doesn’t imply that link constructing is a race, a competition regarding the number of hyperlinks and the potential to accumulate them: if in the beyond the number of hyperlinks turned into critical, nowadays the first-rate, relevance and relevance of the hyperlinks they play a critical role and feature an extra weight than quantity.

Thanks to the evolution of the set of rules and the creation of unique consequences, in truth, having so many links from random web sites, little or not at all in step with the related contents, risks being counterproductive: something that can appear manipulative exposes to the danger of penalization, that is to danger of disappearing from the search consequences, with effortlessly imaginable visibility damages.

Link Building and Guest Posting

That the posting guest is an activity born in conjunction with blogging: I write on your web page, you add a link to my website. In concept, guest posting is a brilliant tool for various motives, including:

  • Offer readers a different point of view or a specific insight
  • Network with other bloggers
  • Giving / receiving visibility, especially for emerging ones that are worth

Obviously, the fact of receiving a backlink is one of the blessings for the guest blogger, but in concept, it shouldn’t be the one to transport the whole lot, because it sincerely is in 90% of instances.

Today we surely talk about Guest Posting in particular with regards to the sale of posts containing links, the actual Guest Posts, those created according to the standards created earlier than, with a clear indication of the author and why that post is there, appear to be extinct.

What Google says: the risks

Google’s pointers are clear: if the hyperlinks are blanketed in bought content, they have to comprise Nofollow, in order no longer to bypass value to the linked website.

Likewise, Google prohibits any link building pastime to manipulate seek effects. The guidelines are very clean, the chance is a penalty.

What really happens

Taking notice of the guidelines and the risks, maximum SEOs pass on and attempt to grab hyperlinks, due to the fact manifestly the benefit is really worth the threat.

If those links come from themed sites and look herbal certainly, the related risks are a good deal much less.

The real point is that it isn’t as easy because it seems: artificially obtaining a one-way link profile that could appear natural to the eyes of a person or even extra to be able to a spider calls for competence and complete know-how of what you’re doing.

The boards before and the social networks these days, genuinely do no longer assist: as we can see later in reality mechanisms have been installed for which anybody can participate in the sale of posts and hyperlinks, but if the know-how of the information is lacking, the risks go back to be very high.

I’ve seen ” search engine optimization suicides “, of human beings with first-rate content, thrilling web sites, etc. they screwed the whole thing up for trying to “test”, buying links right here and there without knowing what they were doing and how they locate themselves having to get out of a penalty.

At the same time, I changed into capable of appreciate nicely-managed campaigns, which brought valid consequences, only because they had been made using a professional who is aware of how to flow.

Site quality and guest post containers

The concept of quality is very relative and it is easy to fall into misunderstanding. In fact, many stop at some questions, such as:

  • Is the site in the language of my content?
  • Is the site from my sector or a neighbouring sector?
  • What are the SEO metrics of the site that will host my link?
  • Can I pay the asking price?

If the solutions are great it is feasible to preserve: wrong! Some essential questions are missing, consisting of:

  • How does the site that will host the post rank for the queries of your interest?
  • Is the site or has it been penalized?
  • How many inbound and outbound links does it contain?
  • What (quality) inbound and outbound links does it contain?
  • Are they published exclusively or almost guest posts?

Without those and different applicable questions, your chance falling right into a trap: given the regular request for links and visitor posts, in reality, many have put up real boxes of this form of content.

These are sites with scarce and of little fee,  whose most important monetization version is based totally at the sale of guest posts: the only activities are those of inserting a few articles without links to “stability” the outgoing hyperlinks and within the manipulation of metrics, which frequently happens via buying different links.

Let’s speak simply: a domain that speaks as an example of finance, a hyper-aggressive area, while not having any banner or association within it, what credibility does it have?

The price of guest posts

Also in this situation, you ought to constantly hold in mind the get admission to trouble, which I will now explain briefly.

If a guest submits expenses € two hundred, handiest a few will be able to buy it, handiest those with considerable budgets. If then again, the same visitor post charges € 10, then many more human beings will be able to put up a post with a link.

Very simple reasoning, which but opens up an international.

In fact, on forums and Facebook organizations, there are visitor posts for less than € five: which means that the owner of that blog, to earn € one hundred gross, will need to sell 20 guest posts with as many outgoing hyperlinks.

Do you observe that basing a link constructing strategy completely on these posts does now not reveal your website to the actual hazard of being “located” using Google? Better forty such hyperlinks or considered one of actual price? Better a mix could answer many, but it is another story.


As you have been capable of apprehending all over again, the primary and essential element of any hyperlink constructing campaign is the information of what you’re doing, why and the way you’re doing it.

As expert link builder Carmine Di Donato additionally notes, credibility is the important thing to exact link constructing and it absolutely is not with $ 3 guest posts on packing containers that you grow to be credible.

If it’s far actual that Guest Posts may be an incredible tool in a few instances it’s miles therefore vital now not to fall into the entice, ask your self the proper questions and notably have the proper competencies to have a clear and precise overview.

Also, keep in mind that a guest submit is content to be able to be read through customers: it’s far important that it says something, that it is interesting: you need to allow cross of the idea that it simplest serves to insert a hyperlink.

It has to be clear that the statistics contained on this post isn’t always enough to begin a link constructing campaign because only the sphere referring to guest running a blog is treated.

If you’ve got questions, doubts or would love to have your say leave a comment straight away, as continually you’ll acquire a solution as quickly as viable.


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